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Introduction to Tarot and Astrology Divination

People live in an environment where all sorts of problems arise, such as work, career, relationships, finances, health, family, and friends. Rational efforts are often made to solve these problems, but sometimes they remain unsolved, as if there were some force beyond our control. The law of cause and effect may also influence things.

What can be done is to try to avoid bad luck and increase your chances of success. The movement of cosmic bodies, the earth's magnetic field, and the power of yin and yang and the five elements can all silently drive the occurrence of certain events, just like the changing seasons and tides. People living in nature can also be affected, including their "inner selves", which can affect their behavior. We can "interpret" such trends and forces, providing insights to people confused by their problems, helping them solve them as quickly as possible or reducing certain harms.

In summary, divination is a way of providing insights, offering multiple perspectives and levels of understanding to the developments in our lives. We do our best to convey the information effectively to the seeker, improving their fortunes and solving their problems. 

Tarot and astrology divination is a method of divination that uses tools such as tarot cards or astrological charts to interpret the influence of cosmic forces on people's lives. By interpreting the trends and effects of cosmic powers on individuals, diviners provide seekers with multiple perspectives and levels of understanding to help them solve their problems.


The purpose of tarot and astrology divination is to help people avoid bad luck, reduce harm, and increase their chances of success. Diviners do their best to convey information effectively to seekers, enabling them to better understand their fortunes and solve their problems.

Purple Moment【Tarot and and Astrology DivinationFeatures

In today's society, the number of people and things is rapidly increasing and becoming more diverse. As a new era emerges, new concepts naturally arise. Purple Moment not only adapts to all these changes, but also adheres to the same philosophy of "wholehearted dedication" in interpreting the development trends of situations for seekers.

We combine the esoteric knowledge of Tarot interpretation, the laws of celestial body movements, the precise meanings of the I Ching hexagrams, and solid hexagram structures to interpret the problems of seekers.

We use a variety of philosophical perspectives to interpret the development and status of situations from the inside out, providing a more detailed and accurate understanding for seekers. This allows seekers to understand the direction and trends of situation development from a more comprehensive and multi-faceted perspective.

We also provide seekers with an additional layer of thought, allowing them to observe the development of situations from another angle and gain more insights. Ultimately, this helps seekers make more informed decisions, regardless of the outcome.

Our services include:

⭐️ Tracking the trajectory and status of situation development;
👉🏼 Identifying the people and things that should be paid attention to in the situation;
⏳ Understanding the state of time and space;
📍 Determining if there are any favorable conditions;
📈 Identifying elements that can help with career development.

Fee​ . Process

If you need to know more, to make you think of one more analysis, one more layer.

Welcome to make an appointment for tarot astrology and divination service

Fee: HKD $480

Time: About 25 minutes Instructions

Contact Steven Kwok | WhatsApp : +852 96996894


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